Let’s Put A End to Food Deserts

We are proud to share the potential we have when we can come together and cultivate new ideas that become manifest as a as a unit.

Urban Geoponics® is a grassroots  social urban agricultural movement established for the purpose of eliminating food deserts and building better human beings through education and empowerment.  Within the parameters of social agriculture, Urban Geoponics® will create jobs and employ those whom have been the victim of food access deniability. Re-frame the parameters of Social responsibility through the platform of urban farming to include many activities and programs designed to  empower the youth . With results of social inclusion and a better human being .   The Urban Geoponics® model will act as the primary catalyst to revitalizing neighborhoods across the country that has become destitute as businesses will grow out of the urban agriculture component.

Urban Geoponics®  is a non-profit organization born from the Summit of the Moors hosted in February in Jacksonville, Florida. We are committed to share our vision for to build healthier, cleaner, stronger and more vibrant communities. The events and activities we share are community-driven, so we encourage families to come out, plant, educate, and volunteer to guarantee a successful movement. We believe in the children and their ability to take part in development process.

Because of February’s Summit we have been able to obtain over 10 acres of land to cultivate and sustain innovative farming techniques, such as the aquaponics system. Local community residents, educators, business professionals, and change agents have rallied behind this effort, and as a result we are poised to leverage their donations and equipment contributions to create new jobs in the near future.

Our sincere effort for high community engagement has yielded a demand from local restaurants and merchants who are committed to purchase our “first fruits”, ie. goods and services.  Currently, a small sales team is undergoing training to make pre-sales of quality veggies & fish. Our next step is to obtain a USDA Organic stamp affording us easier access into local grocery stores across America.

March 2017 Urban-GeoPonics was recognized as Channel 4’s Positive Jax award winner.

Who knows, one day we may be able to compete with the GMO Farmers who stock up sloppy distributors with our own brand of Healthy Grocery Stores. Please get involved, we need funding to help us remain in a self-sustaining, forward and upward movement.