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  • Operation Eastside Jacksonville

    Formerly Florida Avenue, A. Philip Randolph Boulevard (renamed in 1995) is the Eastside's historic commercial corridor.  During the 1960s, two major events negatively impacted businesses along the roadway: Hurrican Dora, in 1964, and the Race Riot of November 1969.  Hurricane Dora was a Category 2 hurricane with 110 mile per hour winds that evenutally caused 1.5 billion dollars worth ...

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  • Aquaponic Gardening

    Aquaponic gardening is a terrific way to grow your own organic veggies and chemical free fish.  Let's take a moment to  ponder the subject of what to feed your "wet" pets so that you can economically harvest the best. The subject of duckweed usually will come up in any conversation when folks passionate about aquaponics get together ... it seems that his tiny aquatic plant can make a big impact! Duckweed is a species ...

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